What is Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching?


Weight loss & wellness coaching is the culmination of my degree in nutrition, masters in weight management and my on-going training in the field of health coaching.


As a Health Coach, I will help you to identify your goals and to formulate a plan to achieve those goals. We will work in layers…that means that we will address your most important issues first. You might come to me thinking that weight loss is your most pressing concern but after talking to me you may realise that there’s something else that needs to be addressed first or at the same time – like poor sleeping habits, a difficult relationship, a hectic work schedule etc

Sometimes lasting change takes time which is why I offer 6 month programmes.

What can Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching do for me?

  • Tailor made weight loss and wellness plans – just for you

  • Support you in clearly identifying your health and wellness priorities

  • Assist you with establishing goals that you can and will stick to

  • Help with creating more time for yourself

  • Lots of small changes = big results

Click on the video below to find out more about health coaching