Tips to avoid Easter weight gain

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Why is it that Easter egg chocolate tastes so good? I have always wondered if chocolate makers change their formulas at Easter time? I suppose they probably takes so good because they are tied up with so many happy childhood memories. Whatever it is, they are certainly hard to resist. Here we are then, it’s almost that time of year again when the Easter Bunny gets ready to make its annual visit. The weather is getting better, the days are longer and it’s a great time for family and friends to get together. With that comes a lot of social eating and, for many of us, a lot more chocolate than we would normally eat.

When I was growing up, all the children (and most of the adults) that I knew would spend 40 days of lent abstaining from one or several of their favourite foods. By the time that Easter came around we are well and truly ready to get stuck into our long awaited Easter eggs.

Things are a little different now. My own children don’t even know what lent is and only begrudgingly accept that one “treat” a day is more than enough. Hardly anyone I know has given up something for lent (me included).

If you are worried about gaining weight over Easter, here are some ideas that will help:

1. Start your own mini lent from today to Easter Sunday.

Choose some treat foods to cut out from today – happy in the knowledge that you will feel less guilty on Easter Sunday. Giving up things for Lent traditionally had a charitable focus – so you could go one step further and have a “treat” jar that you put money in each time you want to have a treat (a bit like a swear jar but with an charitable purpose) and at the end of the week you could give that money to charity.

2. Choose a non-chocolate gift

Ask your loved one(s) to give you a gift that is not chocolate – flowers, bubble bath, perfume…whatever makes you smile.

3. Go small

If you simply love the thrill of an Easter Egg ask for a small one – your favourite one from childhood might be a good idea.

4. Plain chocolate

If you like plain chocolate, ask for a plain chocolate egg. Of course you will eat the same calories overall but you are more likely to spread the eating over a number of days. As plain chocolate is richer we tend not to eat as much of it in one sitting.

5. Stick to Sunday

Keep the calorie treats to Easter Sunday. If you are at social gatherings people who really care about you won’t mind if you say that you are saving yourself for Easter Sunday.

6. Move more

The weather is usually good at Easter time and this year is looking to be no exception. Get out for walks, join in with the children on the Easter egg hunt, dust off the bikes in the garage – whatever takes your fancy. At the risk of stating the obvious, moving more will help offset those extra Easter calories.

7. Enjoy Easter Sunday guilt free

Bizarrely it seems that the more you get hung up on feeling guilty about what you are eating, the more you eat. Most importantly – enjoy your Easter Sunday, don’t feel guilty and start back on healthy eating on Monday. That’s what slim people will be doing – so take a leaf out of their book and have a great day.

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