No time to exercise? Try A-B-E, Activity Bursts Everywhere (free online videos of short exercises you can do anywhere)

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Whether you like to exercise or not (and I shame to admit that I’m not the best on this) our bodies are designed to move. Physical activity and exercise improve your mood, sleep, concentration, energy levels, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, immunity and as if that wasn’t enough it will help you on your road to being a healthy weight and generally looking and feeling better. So why wouldn’t we do something that is so good for us?

The problem is that it’s not always easy to fit exercise into your day. It doesn’t help when you feel like you have to join a gym or take up a sport. That takes time/commitment and money. What if you don’t have enough time or enough money – or both?

Turn the Tide Foundation is a US nonprofit organisation which was created to help reduce US waistlines by developing, evaluating, and spreading the word about creative, yet practical solutions that can be used in the real world, by real people, for free. One such programme is ABE for fitness – Activity Bursts Everywhere.

The A-B-E for Fitness programme is a free library of 3-8 minute videos of activity bursts that you can do anywhere. The videos are organised by where you are (home/work etc) and the part of your body that you want to exercise.

Depending on your current fitness levels you can start with just one and day and work it up from there.

Here’s an example of one the exercises (working the lower body while standing)

Happy exercising 

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