Calorie counting and weight loss

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It seems ironic that in a world where food manufacturers are required to label foods with calorie information that people’s waistlines are still expanding. Even restaurant foods are now starting to list the calories in their food. Surely with all this information we would be better at losing weight??

BUT… it’s just not popular to count calories – many diets systems even use this as a selling feature. You’ll even see “no calorie counting” on my website for the Metabolic Balance programme that I offer (so I am not immune to the trend). Check out the major slimming companies and you’ll see their websites touting “no counting”…as if counting calories is the route of all evil. What’s that all about? Why wouldn’t we want to be more aware and conscious about the calories in our food?

Love it or hate it calorie counting reveals the food habits that are causing you to gain weight. I am not proposing that you count the calories in your food for the rest of your life but doing it for a few weeks will reveal some interesting information about where you have been going wrong until now. It can help you make food swaps so that you feel full and satisfied whilst still losing weight.

If you’re not convinced, here’s my challenge to you. For the next three days just count the calories in your snacks, drinks and desserts. Don’t worry about your other meals for now. Why snacks, drinks and desserts? Well, these are usually the best place to start cutting back on calories to lose weight. The key to start losing weight is to consume less calories than you are eating now.

Give it a go and share your experience with others :)

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