Boost your kids 5 a day with the nutri-bullet

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With the long summer holidays and lots of hours to fill, the words “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry” seem to be said a lot more often (in spite of my best efforts to keep them entertained)

Turning food into a fun activity is  a great way to get your children smiling and bouncing around – with the added bonus that you are doing something good for their health.

The nutribullet is termed a “nutrition extractor” – I usually describe it in plain English as a cross between a juicer and a blender.  It can blitz it’s way through skin and pith that normal blenders just wouldn’t be able to handle.  Unlike a regular juicers you don’t lose any of the fibre.  Another benefit is that you have to add in water when you make your drinks – so it’s not as concentrated a source of sugar as the same quantity of a drink from a regular juicer would be.

We have started our older children out on fruit based jucies but soon we will be adding in sweeter vegetables like carrot and cucumber before moving on to some less sweet vegetables (like spinach and kale).  Our 19 month old son (who has not been exposed to added sugars) will happily drink from our adult drinks with ingredients like kale, brocolli, spinach, carrot and cucumber- but his sisters need time to adjust their taste buds.

There are so many combinations of drinks that you can make that you really don’t need to follow a recipe.  My personal favourite is watermelon, kale, strawberry and mint whilst my children love the drink in the picture above (banana, apple, strawberries and grapes).

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