5 reasons why you should personalise your weight loss plan

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It always amazes me how each year there are more and more diet books and diet systems. A new craze hits the book shelves and we find ourselves drawn into testing out the latest and greatest trend in weight loss. With my long standing interest in food and nutrition, I admit to having dabbled in some of these. Not everything about dieting and diet books is bad but they are very limited in their ability to truly transform your relationship with food. They often help you lose some weight in the short term but they rarely help you to be slimmer and healthier in the longer term.

Personalised weight loss is a different approach. I take account of the fact that you are an individual with a unique body and a unique set of habits and circumstances that have led you to gain weight.

Here are 5 very important reasons why you should choose a personalised approach to weight loss:

1. My mission is to transform your relationship with food so that you don’t feel like you are dieting

2. You will gain a more in-depth understanding of why you have gained weight

3. You will be eating healthy foods that match your taste preferences and fit in with your lifestyle

4. You will learn how to be a healthy weight for the rest of your life

5. You will be coached on how to take better care of yourself beyond food because food is just one aspect of wellness. If you are not taking care of yourself you are more likely to turn to less healthy foods

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