Metabolic Balance in the News

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Metabolic Balance in the News

I was pleased to see an article in the Telegraph this week explaining the Metabolic Balance Programme

What is Metabolic Balance all about then? Here are the highlights in brief……

Metabolic Balance is an all natural weight loss & health programme.

It is available exclusively as a package lasting at least 3 months.

Clients receive coaching advice and assistance to support them in their journey.

It’s based entirely on wholesome natural foods – no supplements, meal replacements or commercially branded products are used (though you may continue to take supplements at your discretion).

Clients are given a bespoke eating plan that is designed specifically for their needs.

It is suitable for weight loss and for people wanting to have more energy and vitality (so you don’t have to be overweight to benefit from Metabolic Balance).

The programme may also help with headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, problems with digestion, arthritic conditions, food cravings, low engergy and lack of drive.

It was developed by doctors and nutrition scientists in Germany.

Plans are developed using information from a blood test and from a self reported health/wellness questionnaire.

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