14 weeks to the official start of summer

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It’s 14 weeks until the official start of summer. If you want to lose weight for summer, now is the time to start….don’t leave it so late that you’re tempted to crash diet.

Lucky for us the sun has come out early this year. With that our thoughts start turning to shedding our winter wardrobes. Have you made a commitment to shed the winter pounds too?

If you want to lose weight for summer now is the time to start. 14 weeks is plenty of time to safely lose 1-2 stone. Sure, there are crash diets out there that promise to help you drop half a stone in a week but when you lose weight too quickly it rarely stays off for long. There are some very good reasons why weight loss from crash dieting doesn’t last, not least of which is the fact that crash diets don’t “teach” you how to eat after the diet. Most people will drift back into the old eating habits that led them to gain weight in the first place – so it’s not really surprising that the weight creeps (or sometimes jumps) back on.

When you drop weight quickly you’ll lose a certain amount of fluid and fat but more significantly you will lose some of your very important muscle mass. When you re-gain weight you mostly gain fat so the more you crash diet the more “fat” you become (in other words – your % body fats goes up). As we get older we tend to lose muscle mass anyway so crash dieting makes this even worse. Loss of muscle mass is one of the main reasons why it feels like it’s harder to lose weight the older we get.

Personalised weight loss offers tailor made weight loss programmes. Together we explore your relationship with food and develop an eating plan that suits your lifestyle. You will learn how to lose weight and how to keep it off in the long run.

We also offer the 3 month Metabolic Balance weight management programme – Metabolic Balance is an all natural approach to restoring health, vitality and achieving a healthy weight. This approach is based on your current health status and your blood biochemistry – it really is unique to you.

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