Name ONE THING that is stopping you from losing weight?  ….

heart shape of various fresh berries


Would it surprise you to know that most clients don’t answer with “I eat too much” (occasionally some do).  If you are struggling to lose weight on your own you may already have guessed that FOOD IS NOT ALWAYS THE PRIMARY ISSUE.  The majority of my clients come to me already knowing A LOT about healthy eating and dieting. You may need reassurance and guidance but the fundamental principles of healthy eating are not complicated. If that is true, why is it then that you are struggling to lose weight and how can nutritional health coaching help? There are two main areas that I support clients with.


Firstly, the daily food/drink/activity choices we make can be very complex indeed. Getting into the right “head space” and staying there is critical for success.  You know as well as I do that life is full of occasions when our good intentions are challenged. If you already know what is needed to lose weight, why do you get knocked off course? How will you make a consistent commitment to put your health/weight loss goals first?  Nutritional health coaching supports you to resolve this.

Secondly, there may be something else going on. Something that has nothing to do with the emotional aspects of food/lifestyle choices. Your body leaves us clues about what is going on under the surface. Together we explore non emotional factors which may be undermining your success.


specific food intolerances             history of yo-yo dieting                    stress (work, financial, personal)            internal inflammation                              

              levels of toxicity                     insulin response to foods                              daily activity levels (not just exercise)

body fat versus lean body mass                sleep patterns                     eating schedules                                                hydration levels                          fluid retention